Probiotics with Prebiotics Enhance Bacterial Growth

Prebiotics is food that is non-digestible. Scientists have known for some time that it fosters the growth of healthy microbes in human intestines. Prebiotics are a source of food for probiotics (the good bacteria). Researchers are showing a lot of interest in how prebiotics and probiotics can enhance the health of the host body. They have found that combining the two develops synbiotics (a supplement containing both). It is crucial to assess the impact of prebiotic non-digestible oligosaccharides to the probiotic bacterium and their subsequent behavior.  This is the only way to develop an effective combination of synbiotic.

In this study, scientists used seven strains of probiotics bacteria to include:

  • 5 Lactobacillus sp
  • 2 Lactococcus sp

The study evaluated the overall effect of these oligosaccharides (OS) on types and isolated strains of bacteria for antibacterial activity and growth. The results suggest that the right combination could help to considerably improve antibacterial activity and/or growth.


Combining Prebiotics with Probiotic Bacteria Can Enhance Bacterial Growth and Secretion of Bacteriocins.

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