2014 Probiotic Survey in Cancer Patients

Cancer patients can find all kinds of published material on the benefits of probiotics. Furthermore, probiotic supplements are easy to access without the need of a prescription. They are also relatively inexpensive and simple to take. In this survey, researchers were keen to determine the overall probiotic use and their association in patients with cancer.

The Survey

For this survey, the questionnaire asked a total of 499 cancer patients to evaluate their experience overall with probiotic use. Questions included:

  • Dietary supplement usage
  • Expectations
  • Method and length of use (relative to other anti-cancer therapy)
  • Patient's understanding of potential risks
  • Side-effect experiences
  • Other…

This 2014 survey was for around 10 months (March to December) after which the researchers gathered all the papers so that they could statistically evaluate the data. The volunteers comprised 176 men (35.3%) and 323 women (64.7%), with the patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and those who had no anti-cancer therapy at all.


Probiotic Survey in Cancer Patients Treated in the Outpatient Department in a Comprehensive Cancer Center | http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27151581

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