Crohn’s Disease Therapies with Probiotics and Prebiotics

Crohn's disease is a chronic, inflammatory condition of the intestines, especially the ileum (third portion of small intestine) and colon. It is associated with fistulae and ulcers.

Therapeutic alteration of gut flora (gut-microbiota) has shown to be valuable in the better management of pouchitis (inflammation of the ileal pouch) and ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)). Researchers have noted how there are comparisons among the several of the inflammatory bowel disorders. Despite these similarities, studies with probiotics showed very little benefit in Crohn's disease. This scientific review aims to collect all the evidence thus far on the clinical effect of prebiotics and probiotics in patients suffering with this inflammatory bowel condition. The hope is to make clear the place (if any) for probiotic treatments in the therapeutic regimens for Crohn's disease.


Probiotics and Prebiotics in Crohn's Disease Therapies

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