About Andy

Most people are totally unaware that millions of bugs exist in our gut. Even more people don't realize that these bugs are vital to our health and represent out first line of defense against disease. Andy Williams has a Ph.D. in animal physiology, and a strong interest in health & vitality. This site showcases one of his interest - the gut microbiome, and how it affects our health.

The Best Probiotic foods

When we hear the word probiotic, we often think of supplements in the form of milk drinks, but there are many tasty, nutritious foods we can eat to get healthy probiotic bacteria. This article looks at some of the best probiotic foods.

What is Inulin Fiber?

Inulin is a soluble, though non-digestible carbohydrate that is becoming popular as a prebiotic supplement as well as an ingredient in processed foods. But what is inulin, how does it work and is it really safe?